What Are Open Network Operating Systems?

Open network operating system

Disaggregated networking first became prevalent in large data centers. Hugely scalable chipsets in white box hardware enabled open networking and the separation of hardware and software in telecom networks. Cloud-based gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality, and the IoT are accelerating the adoption of disaggregated networking solutions.

The Benefits of Internet Peering for Carriers and End Users

Using disaggregated systems for network peering provides several advantages to carriers, including cost savings of up to 50% over traditional solutions. In addition to other performance improvements carriers gain with network peering applications, end users also benefit from improved network performance.

Disaggregated Network Operating Systems Enabling Innovation

Disaggregated networking has now become a reality in large service provider networks. You can leverage a disaggregated network operating system to drive innovation in your network and add additional revenue through new network-based services.