Exaware will be at MWC Barcelona 2022

Exaware's team will be at MWC. Meet us there to learn about how to transition to the world of disaggregated networking.

At Exaware, we are looking forward to reconnecting in Barcelona this year, we have so many updates to share with you – as suggested by MWC’s motto:” Reconnect, Reimagine, Reinvent”.

While MWC Barcelona 2022 will be THE opportunity to Reconnect, we continued to Reimagine and Reinvent, building on a decade of rethinking the way we design, build and operate networks: Delivering the next-generation routing solutions, adding “smart” to routers, and enabling new functions and applications into the network.

First, our momentum in the world of internet peering. ExaNOS – Exaware’s advanced Network Operating System – powers the whitebox routers made by our hardware partners, the world- leading open networking equipment vendors.

Together we provide a cost-effective, robust and scalable solution to manage even the most demanding peering points. We have added many features to our BGP Peering solution as you asked for, including RPKI, BGP PIC and Flowspec.

There’s more! ExaNOS now allows you to plug third-party applications into the router and enable a new world of services, tightly coupled with your internet traffic, for optimal efficiency. Think about DDoS protection at the peering point, using automated detection and mitigation, leaving your internal networks clean of malicious traffic.

Our new solutions for access networks allow you to apply end-to-end Quality of Service and reliably deliver services, such as video streaming, Voice over IP or Layer 3 VPN.

Whether you are deploying a new network, upgrading or extending an existing one – there are many reasons to meet us at MWC 22. Our team will be there, and schedules tend to fill fast – so don’t wait – and schedule a meeting with us now.