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Carrier Grade Disaggregated IP/MPLS
Routing Products

A unified solution integrating ExaNOS with Broadcom DNX-based white box hardware

Are You Facing These Challenges When Growing Your Network?

  • Are you frustrated by vendor lock-in?
  • Do you feel like you’re overpaying for incumbent vendor products?
  • Are you tired of dealing with complex and expensive software licensing schemes?
  • Are you worried about making the correct purchasing decision?

Next Generation NOS

ExaNOS is a carrier grade, cloud based network operating system that opens a new world of possibilities. Choose a routing solution that exactly fits your requirements and budget.

With a programmable interface to connect applications with the network, ExaNOS is a field-proven, high-scale, full-blown IP/MPLS NOS for access, aggregation, edge/PE, and network peering applications.

Our innovative, cloud based software architecture scales from 300G to 1,300T, with a wide range of features and protocols needed by today’s service providers.

How the Process Works

Scalable & Flexible Carrier Grade Solution

Select an Exaware Broadcom DNX-based white box with the needed scale, performance, and interfaces

Integrated with ExaNOS, a common software NOS used across all applications

Purchase a certified application specific Exaware integrated solution


Exaware Products

ExaNOS Software

Disaggregated network operating system software integrated with Broadcom DNX-based white box hardware

Hardware Systems

A variety of Exaware Broadcom DNX-based white box hardware to support the scale, performance, and interfaces needed

Add 3rd Party Applications

By onboarding new services and simplifying operations you can generate both incremental revenues and cost savings. 3rd party applications, such as telemetry, 5G service assurance, DDoS mitigation, and PON access systems can coexist with ExaNOS.

Because simplicity is key to operational efficiency, ExaNOS includes an Open API (NETCONF/YANG), which enables automation and lifecycle management.

In addition, ExaNOS includes a state-of-the-art policy language, and a common programmability for Control Plane and Data Plane Policies (Routing Protocol, ACL, QoS), giving you a powerful, yet simplified interface for advanced configuration.

Routing solutions

Routing Solutions

Carrier Grade Disaggregated IP/MPLS Routing Solutions

May 2023

Features of Exaware's Disaggregated Routing Products


Built for carriers since inception, ran in large Tier-1 production networks for several years 


Innovative, distributed CLOS network architecture for a fully redundant and massively scalable core, up to 1,300T


Scale out easily, ExaNOS supports both stackable and cluster topologies to ensure scalability based on network demands

Unified Software platform

Rich feature set to meet service provider requirements, single NOS from access to core for simplified operations

Pay as you grow

Add capacity only as needed and save upfront investment wisely with ExaNOS 

Cloud-based software architecture

Microservices architecture, control plane and data plane separation for maximum performance and reliability

Openness & Rich Ecosystem

Enables 3rd party applications to run alongside ExaNOS, such as DDoS mitigation, telemetry, BGP peering performance monitoring, and more

Reduced TCO

From up front investment (chassis) to pay-as-you-grow, break the chains of vendor lock-in

Learn how an Exaware disaggregated networking solution WILL UNLOCK YOUR NETWORK AND SAVE YOU MONEY

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