Carrier Grade Disaggregated IP/MPLS
Network Solutions for Access Applications

Economically deploy reliable FTTx residential, business, and wireless backhaul services with maximum networking flexibility

Access solutions

Are You Facing These Challenges in Your Access Network?

  • Are you frustrated by vendor lock-in?
  • Are you tired of paying for features and functions you never use?
  • Are you having trouble finding a single device that can meet all your multi-service requirements?
  • Are you replacing hardware in the field too often because of feature and capacity limitations?
  • Are you frustrated dealing with complex vendor software feature licensing schemes?

Improve Network Design Flexibility and Enhance Bandwidth Service Agility

To maintain your competitive edge and minimize churn, your access networks must provide a high quality of experience for users and be rapidly adaptable to changing bandwidth service requirements. Customers expect to be connected 24/7 and migrate to new and higher bandwidth services quickly and without any glitches.

With Exaware’s disaggregated access network solutions, Communications Service Providers can incrementally expand the network for less cost, gain flexibility in network design, quickly enable new services, add additional capacity, and utilize operational procedures, policies, and protocols to which your engineers are already accustomed.

Exaware access solutions

Exaware Carrier Grade Solutions for Access Applications

Features of Exaware's Disaggregated Access Solutions

  • Switching, routing, and optional OLT functionality in a single system
  • All-in-one software, requires no feature licensing
  • System capacity scalable from 100Gbps to 800Gbps without need of a truck roll
  • Advanced hierarchical QoS for deployment of differentiated bandwidth services
  • Multiple network transport options including support for traffic engineering
  • Various quantity and type of Ethernet port options from 1Gbps to 400Gbps
  • Hardened systems for installation in outdoor cabinets
  • Segment routing and EVPN roadmap for future proofed networks
Access & aggregation

Access & Aggregation

Carrier Grade Disaggregated IP/MPLS Access & Aggregation Solutions

May 2023

Access Use Case Highlight

Hybrid Fixed Wireless and FTTx Access with Tibit

Exaware’s unique multi-service access solution, with integrated native software for support of Tibit MicroPlug SFP+ OLT devices, offers Communications Service Providers a scalable alternative to traditional multi-chassis based OLT and switch router product solutions.

Service providers can flexibly select the architecture that best suits their access requirements, gaining an advanced PON access solution that coexists with L2VPNs, L3VPNs, VPWS, and VPLS services with less hardware and reduced cost.

Tibit datasheet

Tibit MicroPlug

Multi-Service Access Router with Optional Tibit MicroPlug Integration

June 2023


Exaware Disaggregated Solutions for Access Applications

With Exaware’s converged platform for mobile, business, and residential services, you can provide flawless services and easily generate incremental revenue.

  • Unified solution for residential, business, and mobile backhaul connectivity
  • Seamlessly onboard value-added services when and where needed
  • Enable support for remote office workers
  • Support multiple Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for different customers and service types

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