Carrier Grade Disaggregated IP/MPLS
Network Solutions for Aggregation Applications

Transparently consolidate multi-service network access traffic at scale to meet growing needs

Are You Facing These Challenges in Your Aggregation Network?

  • Are you frustrated by vendor lock-in?
  • Are you having trouble finding a cost-effective, dynamic, traffic consolidation solution?
  • Are you concerned about having adequate redundancy in the network?
  • Are you replacing hardware in the field too often because of capacity limitations?
Access & aggregation

Access & Aggregation

Carrier Grade Disaggregated IP/MPLS Access & Aggregation Solutions

May 2023

Aggregate & Route Traffic from Access to Edge/PE

IP/MPLS aggregation routers play a key role in any communication service provider’s network. These systems are central points in the network that are used to aggregate and route traffic coming from the access layer onto the edge/PE layer of an end-to-end wide area network. Aggregation routers improve reliable delivery of connectivity services to end users while improving utilization of upstream network assets.

With Exaware’s disaggregated aggregation router solutions, communications service providers can reliably deploy a scalable, carrier grade solution that provides significant cost savings when compared to traditional IP/MPLS router products.

Exaware Carrier Grade Solutions for Aggregation Applications

Exaware supports most access, aggregation, edge/PE, and network peering applications.

Features of Exaware's Disaggregated Aggregation Router Solutions

  • Resilent, carrier grade software architecture
  • Hyperscale performance, system capacities from 100Gbps to 2.4Tbps
  • All-in-one software, requires no feature licensing
  • Rich set of Layer 2 and Layer 3 routing protocols
  • Hierarchical QoS with traffic prioritization
  • Link aggregation, load balancing, and fast reroute protection
  • Access and control security
  • Interoperable with Cisco, Juniper, Nokia, and Hoawei IP/MPLS routers

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