Carrier Grade
Disaggregated IP/MPLS Router Solutions

Expand your network and improve quality of experience for up to half the cost of traditional solutions

Are you facing these challenges?

  • Are you frustrated by vendor lock-in and overpaying incumbents?
  • Do you find it difficult to find a router that matches your unique use case?
  • Are you tired of dealing with complex and expensive software feature licensing schemes?
  • Do you feel limited in designing new network architectures?
  • Are you dissatisfied deploying products that are operationally complicated?

eXaware ip/mpls Routing Solutions

Achieve Outstanding IP Routing Performance Using Familiar Operations

Save Up to 50% Compared to Traditional Switch Router Products

Unleash Creativity in IP/MPLS Network Design

Simplify Operations by Deploying a Common Software Image for All Use Cases

Experience the advantages of disaggregation

You can rely on

Trusted in service provider networks since 2012

Over $200M in
invested capital

Active TIP member,
PlugFest certified

Learn how an Exaware disaggregated networking solution WILL UNLOCK YOUR NETWORK AND SAVE YOU MONEY

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your profits

Expand and differentiate your network services.

Gain the advantages of implementing disaggregated IP/MPLS network solutions that are compatible with what you already have.

Carriers are challenged to expand the capacity and footprint of the network while maintaining quality of experience (QoE) to customers.

With Exaware’s disaggregated IP/MPLS switch router solutions, you can incrementally expand the network for less cost, gain flexibility in network design, and utilize operational procedures, policies, and protocols to which your engineers are already accustomed.


Learn how to increase network design flexibility while lowering your total cost of ownership.

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