Carrier Grade Disaggregated IP/MPLS Network Solutions for Edge/PE Applications

Cost effectively mitigate network bottlenecks and improve wide area network quality of service


Are You Facing These Challenges in Your Edge/PE Network?

  • Are you frustrated by vendor lock-in?
  • Are you tired of overpaying for incumbent vendor systems?
  • Are you frustrated dealing with complex vendor software feature licensing schemes
  • Do you feel limited in designing new network architectures?

IP/MPLS edge/PE routers are a critical component in any communication service provider’s network. These systems are where the primary IP/MPLS network intelligence, from a routing perspective, exists in an end-to-end wide area network. They provide primary service creation, traffic adaptation, and control functions and serve to “off-load” core routers, which are designed to serve one purpose: route packets as fast as possible.

With Exaware’s edge/PE disaggregated router solutions, communications service providers can reliably deploy a scalable, carrier grade solution that provides significant cost savings when compared to traditional IP/MPLS router products.

Exaware Carrier Grade Solutions for Edge/PE Applications

Exaware supports most access, aggregation, edge, and network peering applications.

Features of Exaware's Disaggregated Edge/PE Solutions

  • Resilent, carrier grade software architecture
  • Hyperscale BGP performance, system capacities up to 2.4Tbps
  • Full set of MPLS and MPLS-TE protocols
  • All-in-one software, requires no feature licensing
  • Hierarchical QoS with traffic prioritization
  • Link aggregation, load balancing, and fast reroute protection
  • Traffic access and control security
  • Interoperable with Cisco, Juniper, Nokia, and Huawei IP/MPLS routers

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Disaggregated networking first became prevalent in large data centers. Hugely scalable chipsets in white box hardware enabled open networking and the separation of hardware and software in telecom networks. Cloud-based gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality, and the IoT are accelerating the adoption of disaggregated networking solutions.