Carrier Grade Disaggregated IP/MPLS
Network Peering Solutions

Reduce cost and increase flexibility when exchanging traffic with cloud, data center, transport, and internet peering off-net partners

Are You Facing These Challenges with Network Peering?

  • Do you feel like you’re overpaying for incumbent vendor products?
  • Are network expansion costs impacting profits?
  • Are you frustrated by vendor lock-in?
  • Are you worried about making the correct purchasing decision?
  • Are you concerned about impacting network reliability?
Network peering

Gain the Scale and High Availability Required to Support Internet Traffic

Service providers must equip their customers with a connection to the internet. This connection, including its routing equipment, has a significant impact on overall network costs.

Network peering enables two or more networks to connect and exchange traffic directly. It also ensures access to global content for all customers on the network in the most cost-effective way according to the service provider requirements and network topology.

Exaware’s modern software architecture provides both the scale and the high availability required for internet traffic.

From 800 G upwards, Exaware provides both redundant and non-redundant peering solutions, which allow you to finely control your traffic in and out, while keeping your costs always under control. Additionally, the network operating system, ExaNOS, includes a wealth of features to efficiently handle the complexities of BGP internet peering.

Exaware Carrier Grade Solutions for Network Peering

Exaware supports most any access, aggregation, edge, or network peering application.

Supported Use Cases for Network Peering

IP transit peering

IP Transit Peering

Direct access to a large service provider (Tier 1) whose network is connected to other global networks

Public IXP peering

Public IXP Peering

Connections through Internet eXchange Points (IXP), organizations that provide a public connection between two or more networks, enabling the free exchange of traffic between networks

Multi-homed peering

Multi-Homed Peering

Connecting a host or computer network to more than one network

Private peering

Private Peering

Two networks exchanging significant traffic outside an IXP

Benefits of Exaware's Solutions for Network Peering

  • By moving peering from core connectivity to the edge/access network, traffic stays closer to consumers and content
  • Reduces backhaul and transit costs, increases performance, and reduces latency
  • Options for redundant and non-redundant peering solutions to fit your network topology and budget
  • Support for 3rd party applications at the peering point such as DDoS mitigation
Network peering

Network Peering

Carrier Grade Disaggregated IP/MPLS Network Peering Solutions

May 2023

Features of Exaware's Solutions for Network Peering

  • Scalable to millions of IP addresses and BGP paths (FIB 3 Million and RIB 15 Million)
  • Full internet address conversion in under 2 minutes (21K prefixes/second)
  • 300 iBGP, 100 eBGP peers
  • L2 services support for off-net connectivity peering
  • MPLS core and provider edge functionality
  • On board support for hosting 3rd party applications (DFPP)
  • RPKI
  • Combines all carrier hotel peering and partner connectivity functions into a single device
  • Cost effective entry level routers
  • Up to 4 T in a single device

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